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Bug: evernote does not obey windows 'high contrast' accessibility mode/theme

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I'm not certain if this is a bug in the eyes of the devs (or please tell me if I'm wrong, or if there's a workraround), as I assume they think their custom theme is the best thing since sliced bread and why the heck would anyone want to use anything else. BUT....

Unlike EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM I have on my computer (eclipse, chrome, firefox, windows explorer, thunderbird, etc. etc. etc.) evernote does not obey the inverting of colors or 'high contrast' themes.

This is important for people who:

* have visual impairments

* want to save battery

* want to work at night with less visual stress or without distracting others

I'm sure it's low priority as this isn't used by as many people, but it seems like a slight design flaw, or at least it's not clear what is gained by abandoning windows accessibility conventions (or default windows gui libraries?)--what do we get? cooler looking arrows?

Note: I'm not talking about themeing or changing the background of a note, I mean just inverting colors (like black->white) to stay with accessibility conventions.


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I agree with the poster --- I spend enough time at the computer and turning it to high contrast mode really decreases the amount of fatigue i feel at the end of the day. It sucks when I turn to evernote and I'm blinded by the glaring black on white... Please fix this bug/lack of functionality!


Thank you :)

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To zhambo and others with this problem. I found a solution that works great for me.   Although I still do believe that thismost certainly is a bug (one that you don't find it almost any other program) and evernote is breaking OS standards, I don't care about the problem any longer.  Why?  

I found flux.  http://justgetflux.com/


The problem with windows high-contrast mode is that you still have whites and blues (when the contrast is reversed).  It is almost impossible (esp on the web) to avoid this harsh, bright (an in the case of blues), sleep-cycle affecting tones.   Flux, in my opinion, is is 100 times better than any high-contrast mode that any of the operating systems offer.  Just download it and you'll see what I mean.  I wish I could donate to these people because it really is fantastic.  (There's also a similar program for android called 'twlight').  I do not work for these people, know them, and they are not even looking for money, I just really love the program that much. 


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Posting because I love F.lux and recommend it at every opportunity. You can work late into the night without your eyeballs being seared off your face by the monitors. You just need to remember to disable it whenever you're doing anything color-related on your computer, or else you'll naturally pick 'wrong' colors.

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It's gotten even worse!  Evernote desktop is now 100% white.  It looks terrible.  (I'm also biased against metro styled interfaces but that's another topic.)
I really love the recent improvements and can see you've been working hard.  Unfortunately I can only use Evernote for pasting notes.  I have to use notepad to write anything because I'm at the computer for 18 hours a day.  It would be so much more productive to use evernote for ALL notes.
PLEASE, developers, fix this for your poor, bleary-eyed users.  We've been begging for years!

In the meantime here is a workaround for Evernote in your web browser.  It is a Stylish script so you'll need to get the Stylish extension (Chrome or Firefox,) click the option to "write a new style," then copy this script below into it and preview/save.  You should see the changes immediately but refesh the page to be sure.

@-moz-document url-prefix("https://www.evernote.com") {body > div > div{    top: -32px !important;}/* make visible and some adjustments to user button */ #header-wrapper .Menu {	margin-top: 40px;	background-color: #339B61;  	border-radius: 3px;}Body {background-color: #C0DCC0 !important;}.Menu-activator {	margin-left: 0px;}    .Menu-activator:hover {	border-radius:3px;	background-color: rgb(29,173,22) !important;}/* some adjustments to user menu */#header-wrapper .Menu_userNav-popover {	top: 72px;	height: 170px;}/* disable ads in user menu */.MenuBanner_goPremium {	display: none;}/* disable divider */.Banner-divider{	display: none !important;    }.noteSnippetTitle {background-color: #DDDDDD !important;}.noteSnippet {background-color: #C0DCC0 !important;	}body.ennote div, body#tinymce div {        font-family: arial !important;        background-color:#C0DCC0;    }/*.Menu-activator:hover {	border-radius: 3px;}*/}

Change the colors to your liking using http://www.colorpicker.com/ if you like.  Change the values above that look similar this #DDDDDD.
You can also do the same for each individual note at http://enml-editor.ping13.net/.  Here is a tutorial.  http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-change-evernote-background-color-or-image/.  I might try to make a template out of it and use that.  Not sure if it will work.

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At some point this presumably becomes actionable under the Americans With Disabilities Act; software that willfully circumvents the accessibility options provided by the operating system is clearly thumbing its nose at compliance.  Many people have been asking Evernote FOR YEARS for a night-time theme and other solutions for users with photosensitivity.


For the time being, my style sheet for the Evernote web client provides some measure of relief online (but not with the Windows desktop client):  https://userstyles.org/styles/110978/evernote-with-less-eyestrain.


Whenever this sort of discussion begins here, some people say, "Well, I don't have any problem with the way it is," or "Gee, why don't you just work around it?"  This is precisely equivalent to bounding up a staircase and telling the guy at the bottom in the wheelchair, "Hey, buddy, what's your problem?"  These are not subjective arguments about aesthetics ("bright white is pretty!") but about accessibility, and Evernote really needs to pay attention; to this point, its attitude toward such matters has been cavalier.


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Posting because this affects me too. Evernote seems to be pushing keyboard shortcuts at the moment to support power users, but many power users will need the high contrast option, simply because they are looking at screens so damn much. High contrast support in is completely broken.

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On 02/05/2015 at 3:46 AM, RobertJSawyer said:

its attitude toward such matters has been cavalier.

Usability issues such as this are the reason why I cancelled my Evernote Premium membership a long time ago. There are other issues like scrollbars being deliberately thin and ignoring Windows' scrollbar width settings, elements of the page having poor contrast against each other, lack of basic text editing shortcuts, just so many things.

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It's good that I get a reminder every year or two about how slack Evernote is, and how I was right to end my subscription. Honestly, these usability issues should be prioritised because it is crucial to have an app that is consistent with all of the other programs that people are using.

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