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(Archived) [strategy] Condensing 600 notes (webpages)


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Looking for advice ... I'm a relative noob at Evernote. I have been researching a topic for a few months. A key part of this effort has been saving webpages as notes in Evernote. I now want to go back over these and select/summarize the essence of what I've gathered. In the end, I would like to have a summary with source link for everything that I can then order/organize/weave together as a manual of sorts.

This doesn't strike as a novel effort. I'm hoping some other members have some advice in this regard


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Merge the notes into a single large note that you can edit? I would do it in sections, and select the notes in approximately the right order if I was doing it myself. If you want to keep the original notes you will need to move them from the trash after the merge.

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I sometimes do this. If I have very many notes, I prefer to retain them as individual notes rather than conglomerate them into a single note. One reason is that sometimes, I may have gone one direction & then realized that wasn't the way to go. So some of the notes were helpful to get to the end result, but will not be helpful if I have to revisit the topic again. (Hope that makes sense.) I will tag them all with a tag indicating the topic that caused me to clip these notes. But I will create a main topic note with my conclusions & links to any notes that I may want to include. I then give this main note a title indicating this is the note I need to refer to. IE, including "THIS IS THE MAIN NOTE" in the title. ;-)

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