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Using hashtags via email does not work

curious rabbit


All of my tags in Evernote (Version 5.0.4) start with a hash. For example I have tags:




No matter what I do, these tags are NEVER recognized in email I send to Evernote. I have tried the following:

Test Subject Line @notebook #howto

Test Subject Line @notebook ##howto

Test Subject Line @notebook #\#howto

If I create a tag "howto"—no hash preceding the tagname—then the first variant works, but there seems to be no way to include one of my hashtags on the subject line so that they get tagged on the note.


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If I take the email notification of Scott's new reply and forward ti to my EN account address appending "@Info and Reference ##support" to the subject line, I get the email as a note in "Info and Reference" but it does not have the #support tag. Instead I get the title "Fwd: New reply to Using hashtags via email does not work ##support" I have a pre-existing tag "#support". This is not platform dependent. It fails from Mail in Mac OS X, Gmail via Chrome on Mac OS X, and Windows 7, Gmail and iCloud mail from firefox on Linux, OS X, and Win 7. The crux of the problem seems to be there is no way to use my tags which were defined as starting with a hash character ('#').

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Yes, I've used this function quite a bit from iPad, iPhone and PC - no problem. But with mac, and preexisting tag in evernote, I am unable to successfully  email a note with a functional tag. Yeah, it goes to the right folder @ is working, just not #.

Keen to have a solution.

I am having the exact same issue. Folder selection is working, tags are not. I'll try adding the #tags to the very end of the subject line.

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The knowledge base linked to in my signature is a good start, so are google, and these forums. There is no central, comprehensive book or instruction manual.

There is only one type of tag in Evernote, and you can name them whatever you want.... Are you referring to search syntax? If so, here's a comprehensive document:


You've already read one of the better books on the topic, so you have a good foundation. Hang around here, ask questions, search the forums, you'll learn a lot!

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Thank you Scott! This is very helpful. I also had the reminder in the wrong order (I had it last). Is there any book that summarizes the different codes like this and the different tags you can use? For example, reading a new book Evernote Essentials, I discovered the search format ''todo:false''. This finds all the checkboxes I put in meeting notes that tell me that I need to do something. Very useful! Is there a forum on this site, where people discuss these? 


Thank you once again for your help.


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You do not need to remove the contents of the subject line. 


Follow the instructions here:



You'll notice that any Evernote instructions such as !Reminder @notebook #tag  come AFTER the subject line, and in the order presented here. !Reminder @notebook #tag.


They cannot be in any other order, and they must be the LAST text on the subject line.  

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I was having the same problem. I am new to Evernote (well I downloaded it a long time ago but could not figure out how to use it). I am finally using it after reading a great book that simplified it for me. 


Anyway, I got this to work by ensuring that when I forward an email I delete everything from the subject line and just enter the tag. For example, if I am forwarding an email titled  - Financial Report - when I click the forward button the title of the new email is - Fwd: Financial Report. I was trying to get Evernote to recognize that this was something I needed to take action on with my pre-created Evernote tag #todo. So, I entered the title of my forwarded email by adding the #todo tag so it read like this - #todo Fwd: Financial Report. Evernote for Mac and Evernote for iPad did not recognize the tag. Now I erase the title of the forwarded email and it simply reads - #todo and Evernote on both systems recognizes it when I use the feature to find notes with the tag - todo. The note itself in Evernote has the complete forwarded message including From, Subject Title and so forth. 


Maybe this is a newbie error and everyone knows you are supposed to delete the subject line when forwarding. Maybe this is a workaround. I don't know. I just know it worked for me. I hope it helps someone. 



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This really shouldn't be platform dependent. What mail application are you using on your Mac. Are you using the proper syntax?


Subject: This is the note title @notebook #tag


Is there any chance something is appending something else to the subject line when you send your message? 


Just brainstorming here. Not sure why this might occur!

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Yes, I've used this function quite a bit from iPad, iPhone and PC - no problem. But with mac, and preexisting tag in evernote, I am unable to successfully  email a note with a functional tag. Yeah, it goes to the right folder @ is working, just not #.

Keen to have a solution.

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I'm having this same problem. I'm following this post in the hope that this is remedied or an admin sights it and answers it. 


It would add a huge number of possibilities for me and my business if this (previously stated feature) would work accurately. 


Adding rules in my Mail.app would save me hours of filing and I could increase what we store in Evernote. 


I've tried all of the above also, i'm unsure on what else could be tried. Thanks OP. 

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I think the problem is that special characters (# or @) are not working at all with forwarded mail. 


An example: I already have a tag in Evernote called @Home.


Now sending an email to my inbox with eithe #@Home or #"@Home" in the subject line always ends up as a note without that tag in Evernote and the title of the note ends in #"@Home" or #@Home.


As far as I know it is just not working. If anyone figured out a way to include special characters as tags in an email subject, please explain how you did it.

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Ok.  Just figure out the problem I'm having and you may be also.  The tag has to have already been defined in Evernote for it to recognize and add the tag to the note.  It won't create tags just because you put #whatever in your subject line.


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