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(Archived) Secret notes or booklets

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Hi everyone!

I don't know if I'm in the right place, but I need some help. I wonder if there's like a thing that can make one or several of your notes or booklets secret, with a password. I know there's a password to reach my notes in order to logg on to my account. But I'm always logged on to my Evernote both in my mobile and my computer. So I wonder if there's like an chance that I can some way have a second password within my Evernote, incase that unwanted eyes get to either my computer or my mobile (despite my password on them)? And if there's no possibility for this, is there any chance that you somehow can hide a note or an entire booklet? (I case of I sit next to someone I don't want to read my entire notes but just one). I suspect that Evernote was designed to connect people, and I want that to like a 99 % chance, but somethings I just want to keep fore myself, and Evernote have become one of my most used program, so I would really appreciated the help...

(sorry about my english, I know it's not the best, but I hope that you understand what I mean anyway).

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The only security EN offers is the ability to encrypt text only & only on the desktop clients. Also, some (all?) mobile apps may have a PIN, in addition to the device PIN. I would suggest you use them. Beyond that, you should search the board on security, as this has been discussed at great length already.

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