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(Archived) offline notebooks--size growing

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I use Evernote on 2 PC's (work and home) and on my iPhone. (I also have an iTouch that I used previously that still has Evernote installed.)

I sync all my notebooks as offline, as I frequently don't have internet or reliable cell coverage in some of the buildings I work in.

On the iPhone, the usage report is that I am using 78.2 MB of data, although Evernote reports that when I download all notes, the size is much less, 17.8 MB. On my PC, the size of the same .exb file is 24.3 MB.

I cleared the cache and emptied the trash. (I haven't unloaded the dishwasher yet, I need to do that before I make dinner.)

The data on the iPhone appears to be growing.

Any one else notice this, and what do I do?

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