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table cell-width keeps expanding as I start to enter text

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Hello all,

just found this last night and I am so incredibly pleased at how well it fits my need. i am already implementing, as a beginner with Evernote. I copied a template into a new note (short sale template) and when i enter text in a cell that takes up more than 50% of the space in a cell, the table starts to expand and resize the columns. it is also happening when I tried to add a date and transaction in the transaction notes table. why is this happening and how can I keep the table from resizing automatically?



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Yes you need to get text in there to fill up the space. Once text is filled up once the table wont move. What I always do is when i have cell that i know will have the most text I write text in there so it fills it up completely and it never moves after that and is formatted. that make sense?

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