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(Archived) Limitations of importing LOTS of content?

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1. I have folders on my Mac full of lots of files (pdf, jpg), is there an easy way to import lots of stuff into a notebook ? Or do you have to drag the files in individually?

2. Is there any limit to how much content you can import? Can I import a few gigs of files into Evernote on my Mac?


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For the Mac, you can use an AppleScript script to perform mass imports. I am not a Mac user, so I can't say much more on the topic. Search on Google for "Evernote Mac import"; forum member Veritrope has done some work in this area, so you might toss his name into your search.

You can load lots and lots of content into Evernote, but in general you are bound by your monthly upload limit. I think it's 60MB/month for free users, 1GB/month for premium users (someone free free to correct me on these numbers). There's also the current limit of 100,000 notes per account.

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Earlier this week I finished backloading several thousand notes exported from various platforms since 1998, including several PDAs. Nothing contained binary data, which simplified things. After trying several options, I broke down and wrote some perl scripts to make enex files.

One piece of advice I have is try to sync from the Imported Notes folder before you start sloshing the notes around to various notebooks. Many times I had a file which imported fine but failed on the sync.

Good luck.

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