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(Archived) Update notification with no update and Support won't support


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I'm new to the world of Evernote...

I have two questions;

First: - How do you update evernote on the Samsung Galaxy Note II?

I have notification that there's an update available, but when i go to the Samsung store, it tells me that there is no update...

Second: I want to write an E-mail to the support... It tells me that there is a word not acceptable, here is what i wrote:

-How do i update my evernote? It tells me that there's an update available and when i click on the link it send me to the Samsung store and there is no update available...

It does that every day since i downloaded this app last week. Please tell me how to update.


That's what i wrote and it tells me that there's a word unacceptable...??? Wich one is it???

I'm french so maybe i don't see the whole picture here? I don't get it.

Please someone help me, i'm tired of those notifications for nothing.

Thank you!

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Hello Yudge2k, I am U.S. and I do not see any reason for your request to be unacceptable.

Regarding the Samsung store, I think you should be going to Google Play store? I am not positive about France for this, but this website is valid: https://play.google.com/store?hl=fr (That is how to navigate from a web browser).

On your Android device, you should have an icon for Google Play Store. From there you should be able to navigate to your installed apps. The default view of your apps will show available updates at the top of the list.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Levi, Thank you for the answer, but i think i made a mistake, when i say i'm french, i mean i speak french, i'm from Quebec Canada.

Back to the subject. This morning i whent to the google play site and search for evernote... I found it and it as the button install but no button update.

My point is that i don't want another evernote (one is enough) if i click on isntall will it install an other evernote or will it update it?

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