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(Archived) Notes don't save on Mac OS 10.7.5



I'm having trouble getting my notes created on my Mac (OS 10.7.5) to save and then sync. I'm using Evernote 5.0.4

I can create a note and give it a title, but then the contents do not get saved. I try using command+S, I try using the File> Save menu option. I try syncing. It doesn't matter, it only saves the empty note.

I went into the web interface and entered my content into that note there, and then I synced the app. The app pulls down the preview of the content in the middle column that shows previews of your recent notes. But when I click on the note in the editing pane, it comes up empty.

Notes entered on my iPads sync to the desktop and content appears in the preview, but not in the editing pane when I try to load it.

Is there a cache or something that I can clear to fix this issue?

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