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Sending and receiving faxes via Evernote?

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AFAIK There's no sending or receiving of faxes. If you have a fax modem connected to your system, you could 'print' a note as a fax, and you could use Evernote to save your received faxes (although most fax software does that anyway). But Evernote has no fax functionality that I have ever seen.

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Hi stanwelks,

You can look into HelloFax, an online web service which works with Evernote to help users send faxes. HelloFax is currently running a deal to allow you to send 50 free fax pages/month (for the first 6 months) with no fax line required. I think it's part of HelloFax's 2013 paperless challenge.

Check it out:


HelloFax also has a sister service called HelloSign https://www.hellosign.com/ to make it easy for electronic signatures.

Hope that helps!

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I was looking to send a fax and followed the link to Hellofax.com/evernote.  I followed the prompts and gave the app access to my Evernote Account.  Then when I tried to link to Evernote the option to do so was not there.  I messed around with it for about 1/2 hour and then just saved the document from Evernote to my Desktop and the Fax app uploaded it from there. 


Frustrated, I sent a support request in to Hellofax is see what I had done wrong. 


They responded that they were having difficulty with the Evernote link, that it was an Evernote problem and to check back in a month. 


If they had said that from the beginning and not leave me trying to follow their sites instructions to a none existing link I would not have been so angry.  What a waste of my time. 


I have sent my fax now, not something I do very often and I do have access to a fax at the office, so I think my search is done and I will just save those tasks for the office next time.






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Hi.  There are several email/ fax services (I seem to recall from last time this came up..) and I don't know how practical it would be for Evernote to try to compete in that market for an unknown number of business users - who probably already use one of those services for occasional faxes.  Evernote very rarely comment on future plans,  so we may never know...

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