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(Archived) Fatal error evernote win7 64 bit


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If Evernote crashes on startup, then first step is to uninstall it, and then reinstall. If that fails, you're probably going to need to open a support request (see the link in my signature).

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Just FYI: don't be surprised if the tech folks ask you to do the uninstall/reinstall shuffle as well. It's often a good first step; obviously not in your case, though. Good luck.

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There are other threads that mention an uninstall tool called REVO, but who knows if that will work correctly, or damage Windows.

I would not run cccleaner, since it could remove install or other files needed later, but REVO might be ok - I have not used it,

but here is the discussion. Be sure you set a restore point (if Windows 8 has such), and do a backup of some sort if possible.


NOTE: Never download anything from the download.com website. Comments say the revo on that site has a virus. I've heard those complaints about download.com before. I go to the vendor site.

I also found on download.com (good to read their comments and google other reviews on software) the comment about revo on Windows 8. I'm posting this info since revo was recommended on the forum, so the info needs to be here.

Too bad Evernote can't fix your problem, but you're bleeding from bleeding edge Windows 8. Good Luck!

Comment from download.com user below - But the revo website might have a better/newer version?

I have used revo for many years now with great success. I recently switched to windows 8 and it is less than perfect here. It doesn't show all of the installed programs and with the ones it does show when it gets to the part after the initial uninstall where it is looking for remnants of the program it locks up on that screen. I used it all os thru windows 7 without similar problems.

Read more: Revo Uninstaller - CNET Download.com http://download.cnet...l#ixzz2IPFUjJlq

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I have used Revo extensively on Win 7 64 bit without any noticeable problems (my understanding is that is what the OP has). I don't recall where I originally got it from, but I have updated it several times from the Revo web site. Doesn't always pick up "new" programs that are installed without using Revo, but they are there in the list all programs. Just don't blindly accept all the files it wants to delete in the "remnants" of the program, and you should be fine. I agree with also not blindly accepting everything CCleaner wants to delete.

For me, running Revo to remove all traces of EN (you can also do it manually if you are brave enough to edit the registry) and then worked like a charm in correcting most errors.

Regarding tech support - are you a free or a premium user? Response is faster for premium users (but now is the weekend).

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