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(Archived) Value Fields Request for Evernote


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I am a premium user for nearly 8 months and I do everything with EN. I even use it as CRM.

Congratulations for your vision.

I was wondering if you could add 3-5 value customized fields with the ability of determining the formula between these fields as well as the formula of the selected notes containing these fields.

By this way you can very easy sum or distract values of tagged notes.

You have covered the note area. If you could add a few value fields we could manage nearly everything.

Just an idea

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This is a tough concept to describe. 


I'd like to see a cross-note macro. Perhaps something at the notebook level that can operate on any tag or any value XML label? or new element that can be added. Sure, once you have that you can perform any operator on it, but essentially it is a notebook level calculation. 


then we can have Stack level! Imagine the magic you could perform by summation of fields or existence of fields across a notebook or a stack ? 


not unlike the =sum() in spreadsheets. I suppose it would just use note level addressing to a field? 


How about supporting a note that lives in a stack, outside a notebook that can 

Total =sum(mycount(all_notes))  /*assume that it applies to the stack*/  /* if you put that note in a notebook, it will apply to the whole notebook */

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