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Scenario. I've a big document, and I want to find instances of a word.

I type my word in the top right, and it finds the first match, highlighting it.

So far, so good.... but how do I jump to the next match? I can see no obvious indication of how to do this? I'm reduced to scrolling manually (not ideal!)

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Hello. If you press CMD+F you will get a little search field at the top of the note with arrows to help you navigate. As long as your documents (I assume that you mean PDF attachments) are set to "View Inline," then you should be able to move easily through them.

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Thanks for that, I do think that it is something that isn't intuitive to the average user, I can't see how it is 'discoverable' in the programme.... but still, I've clipped it now, so I've got the reference!

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