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(Archived) Where I can find my local notebook's file on Mac OSX



Hi Just a quick question,

I created a local notebook on Mac OSX. I know there is an option for windows that you can select where you want to save files. But I cannot find familiar options on Mac.

I guess Evernote saved my local notebook as a single file on hard drive right? I want to move this file to somewhere. I don't want to export and import into new local notebook.

Hope someone can help me...

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Hi skybod,

Fairly easy to search for 'Evernote' on a Mac which will give you the location.

Not sure if you can just move the 'Notebook' as it may cause a problem with how Evernote finds it.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on.



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Thanks Chris, but it doesn't work...

on my mbp there is no evernote directory...I searched 'evernote' on this Mac and nothing showed up.

I also searched those 2 locations referred in that post. There is no 'Containers' folder at /Library/ and no 'Evernote' folder at user/Library/Application Support.

But I definitely have a lot of pages in my local notebook.

frustrate me...

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Hi skybod,

As a matter of interest and forgive me for asking the obvious. But you have installed the Evernote software on your MBP and are not just looking at the web version?

Whilst I have a MBP I have not used it for some time and don't have Evernote installed at the moment. I will see if I can do a check during the morning and let you know what I find.

In the meantime, I am sure someone out there has an MBP with Evernote installed and can check for you.

Best regards


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