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(Archived) How To Make Private Notes, Inside a Public Notebook?

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Love the product!

How Do I use a public notebook, but lock individual notes inside and make them not visible?

I am a voice teacher. I would like to post a public notebook for my students that looks like this:


But, in this example.. "Elaine Skeffington's" lesson notes would NOT be visible to other students.

But she could go to this public notebook, click on her note and login to see the information there, see below.


And can the student go into the note and make changes or type comments, etc... and I can go in week after week and leave notes and comments?

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As far as I know, you cannot do this. If you share the a notebook to someone, all of its notes can be seen by that person. Perhaps you could use one notebook per person.

If you share with the ability to modify, then both you and the student can modify notes. You just need to beware of the case where both of you modify one note before it gets sync'ed on your respective machines. That'll cause a conflict.

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The only way I can think of doing this is to password protect specific notes.

Untidy and going against the idea of a Public/Shared notebook, but if you really need to 'hide' some notes, then it should work.

Select note, select all in note, right click selected text, then choose, 'Encrypt Selected Text'



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Just a passing thought - you could password protect a file for each student containing confidential information, then everyone could see a note containing several files, but only the person with the password could open their own data.

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