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(Archived) Feature Request: Quick way to get to the bottom (last line) of a note

Jesus Torres

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I have a note where I jot down a lot of stuff. After a while of including a lot in this particular note it gets tiresome having to scroll all the way to the bottom. It seems to me like it would be great it there was some way to get to the bottom right away, with a swipe or a tap or something. Or every time you open the note it opens where you last left off, in this case the bottom of the note (the last line).

I hope I'm making myself clear and you guys like it and take it into consideration. Thank you.

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CMD+[DN ARROW] should take you to the bottom in EN Mac.

⌘ ⬇

With an external keyboard (highly recommended), you can use this shortcut on the iPad as well. Unfortunately, I think it is a bit more difficult on the iPad to add this kind of functionality. The best one I have seen so far is the cool magnifying feature in Pages, but I guess that is no small feat of programming.

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