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(Archived) Search for tag:@* returns unexpected results


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Take a look at this screenshot:


Upon searching for tag:@* in the Windows Client ( (268368) Public) the result also contains notes that do NOT contain any tags starting with '@'.

However, in the Webclient this exact same search returns the proper results.

Have I found a bug? Or am I missing something for the Windows Client?

Cheers L

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Hi L-uAn, welcome to the forum :)

Are the extra notes tagged with two square brackets? [ ]

I just tried it, and it seems that yes, a search for tag:@* will return any tags that start with [ or ]


I guess you did find a bug :P


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Hey Scott,

thank you for your tests!


Are the extra notes tagged with two square brackets? [ ]


Yup, the extra notes have tags starting with [.

Is this a known bug or a new one?

(With the amount of people utilizing Evernote for GTD this issue should bother many people :D )

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