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Bucyrus Mo

Android (Archived) Hardware Menu Button (oppression)

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You open a note on your phone.

Realize a detail needs to be added.

Click the hardware menu button to bring up the pencil so you can edit.


Nothing happens.

The hardware menu button on my phone no longer brings up a menu.

There is no way to edit this note from this current position.

By trial and error I have figured out that I have 2 options to edit this note.

1) Back out of the note, to find it in the list, long press and choose 'edit'.


2) Turn my phone in my hand, wait for screen orientation to adjust to landscape,

and lo and behold, there is the pencil up in the top task bar, now that the

screen is wide enough to contain it.


So I go to the forums. Turns out the menu button is being phased out with ICS ??

Like a new OS standard.


On the Evernote android home screen, hardware menu button brings up

current usage


and Sign Out

On the Notebook list screen, hardware menu button brings up

New Notebook

Show Offline notebooks


and Share

On the Note List screen, hardware menu button brings up

New Note


and 3 vertical dot menu (map, shortcut, sync, settings)


The hardware menu button works everywhere EXCEPT

where I need it the MOST..

The key clutch moment in front of a customer when they

have a second contact phone number to give me,

or I need to change an appt date/time or ... you get the picture.

This is oppression of the hardware menu where it needs

it the most.

PLEASE please please, bring back the the menu button

within an actual note. (y'know an EverNote).

Backing out of the note just to go back in, or turning the

orientation of my phone just to edit, and then have the

keyboard in landscape which is no good, which means I have

to turn it back to portrait to type the info ...

My customer will wonder why I am dancing with my phone

instead of writing down his info.

C'mon. Please ?

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Thanks for reporting this problem, we are working on that right now so we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

Your feedback is really useful, and helped us reproduce the problem. Thanks a lot!

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