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evernote business Evernote Windows general release - new Business features


I thought the Business users out there would like to know that the latest version of Evernote has several business features. You may have already seen this if you have update checking enabled. If not, here's the new Business features as per the release notes:

Evernote for Windows GA Release Notes

  • Improvements:
    • Ability to copy or move notes into Business notebooks.
    • New Internet Explorer Clipper for IE 9 & above. Includes Evernote Business support, Article detection, selecting of notebooks & tags while clipping
    • Import folder now works with Business Notebooks & Joined Notebooks

-- roschler

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Just been informed and read on the blog that they have sorted moving from 'Personal' to 'Business' notebooks! That is great news.



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I'm personally really happy with this update, glad they were able to give you Windows users some improvements.

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