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(Archived) Include URL content in search


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Hello tuneke,

Sure. If you want to search for notes that have the exact source URL http://evernote.com/ just enter the following into the Search box:


If you want to find all notes that start with http://evernote.com/ enter:


Note, this is an exact match search that starts at the beginning of the Note's sourceUrl, left to right. If you need to find http://www.evernote.com/ then you need to enter:


Make sure you include the colon ":" after the sourceUrl search operator.

As far as URLs contained in your notes as part of the note text, Evernote should find those if you just enter them into the search box without using the sourceUrl search operator. Same restrictions apply as far as matching from the start of the URL, left to right.

Note, you can not search for strings that occur inside the URL. For example, if you are looking the string "evernote" no matter where it occurs in the source URL you are out of luck. If that kind of search is important to you, allow me to suggest BitQwik. It can do searches like that and more. Disclaimer, I am the author of BitQwik, a free natural language search app for Evernote.

-- roschler

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Is there any way to make Evernote's search engine include the content of my notes' source URLs or even of any URLs contained in my notes in its search?

Hi. Welcome to the forums.

I am not sure why you would be having any problems with the kind of search you mentioned, because it should work fine. If you are looking for something you clipped from the web (like a post from this forum at http://discussion.evernote.com), you could narrow down the search with source:web.clip, and if you knew something about the actual URL for that clipping, then you could use sourceurl:http://discussion*, for example.

If you are looking for a part of the URL, and it is contained within the content of the note (the "discussion" in http://discussion.evernote.com) then you should have no problem, because Evernote considers anything after a "/," ":," or "-" to be a word, and indexes it that way. In the example above, a search for "discussion" or "evernote" would work.

Is there a specific problem that you are encountering?

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Hi GrumpyMonkey,

I am not interested in the URL itself but in the content of the web side the URL links to. E. g. I would like to find notes containing the URL http://www.bitqwik.com/ when searching for "natural language".

Hi. If I understand you correctly, you don't want the URL, but the page to which that URL in your note links, right? That's an interesting idea, but I don't know of any way ( on any service besides web browsers ) to accomplish that. Sorry. It would be pretty cool, though!

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Or at a minimum, those instances in which you can only capture the URL (for whatever reason), sending it to Evernote that triggers Evernote to capture the text on that page for addition to your search archive (notebook content). Maybe a premium feature.


There are times when you what to share a page from within any number of mobile apps that the best you can get as an output is the URL.

I use Everweb clipper whenever possible. Or send pdf of webpage as I am a premium member. But still this would be dynamite.


Anyway to negotiate some affiliate revenue sharing deal so that X1 could access and search my Evernote account?


Still trying to find that ONE search function to manage them all :-)

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