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how to reduce images when printed?

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When printing a note, any images that were captured apparently are set to fill the page. ie, if I scanned an image of a 1cm x 1cm picture, then imported it into evernote, then print, the image comes out the size of the page.

Moreover, there is no reduce % in the evernote print dialog. But that wouldn't be a working solution either, as then any text that went with the note would be reduced also (and unreadable)



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Im having the same problem - it all looks fine on screen - no oversized images; but when I print to PDF the images are huge - taking up multiple pages. Also, the note titles dont print. I tried on the windows pc at work and this problem does not occur.....just happens on my mac. Has anyone solved this issue? Having just converted to evernote, i now think I will have to move again if this isnt fixed as I need to keep backups of my notes in pdf!

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Ok, got a response back from a tech support guy...

first response is that it tries to print at the resolution of the image. That confused me, because I was assuming dpi=resolution, but it's not. I found this doc to help: http://www.pptxtreme.com/help/import_export/ResolutionExplainedPixelsDPIInches.html and it means the size and dpi = resolution. The resolution for a pic can be bigger than the resolution for a standard *printed* page. That is my understanding at the moment... so in short, the doc can't be printed from evernote. You must export it and print it (to reduce it) in another app that provides a "% reducer" print option. Evernote obviously doesn't provide this in their driver.... yet.

So basically, printing from evernote mac sucks for oddly scanned sizes. Try printing from PC versions. Or fix your scans.

I use my iphone to snap pics of docs, and those are HUGE resolution - so those scanned pages are now useless to me on my mac.

So, If you scan docs, it's better to keep the white space around them to be a letter/legal/a4 scanned page, when printing, they will print at that same size.

Again, I'll clarify if I get different info from evernote support directly - or if someone else wants to chime in.

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I found a cumbersome work-around. Right click on the EN note (in Windows) and choose Export and Save as Type Web Page (HTML). Open the exported note in a browser that supports Convert to PDF (like IE Explorer). Then you can convert to pdf and print out the pdf with correct formatting. Of course, EN should really solve this problem, as it has been around for a long time.

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Did this ever get resolved?  I'm running into same problem (can't print a picture with an iPhone photo only without it spanning two pages).  Looks like the last reply was 2 years ago but I'm not seeing anything that allows this functionality.  

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I'm baffled that so many issues like this exist in Evernote.  But that's probably for another post.  

I've tried the workaround listed above about saving as html and opening in a browser.  I'm finding that the images still show in the "native size" in the html document as opposed to their apparent size (resized in Evernote).  So, this isn't a fix. At least for me.  I'm struggling to understand why the resize function was added if it doesn't apply to printing or otherwise exporting the note.  

Evernote could be so great.  

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