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small UI suggestions for Screen Snap



Thanks for making Skitch. I use it a lot and like it a lot.

Every time I use the Screen Snap function, there are a couple of things I notice and wish were a little better. Not a big deal, but if your designers are ever looking into this area, please add these to the list of things to consider.

  • The x/y coordinates numbers displayed after invoking Screen Snap are very small. I find them hard to see.
  • The x/y numbers are black. If the area I'm trying to capture is black or dark, I can't see the numbers easily. (Other snappers display the numbers on a contrasting background or use an outline font.)
  • Dimming the entire screen makes it hard to see the screen. Once I start to capture, the capture area goes full bright, making it easier. My typical procedure: invoke Screen Snap, drag across anything anywhere, then move and size the selection area onto my desired spot. I realize the purpose of the dimming, but I also realize my procedure seems a little hacky.
  • Once you select an area, there is no way to see the x/y coordinates of the origin of the selection. Maybe add origin to the existing width and height display?
  • The selection details box appears directly above a selection that is smaller than the details box. You can't see (or change) what you've selected until you drag the details box elsewhere. (Thank you for making the details box moveable!)
  • The icon-buttons in the details box (timed snap and full-screen snap) have no tool-tips/hover-help. I know... I should read the User Guide, ok.


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Good point -- I don't always need the precision. But when I do, I need it. One example of many: I often take snaps of a Flash application I work with. And take the same shot multiple times over the weeks, so I want to get the exact same location each time. I don't often use Skitch for this purpose since I find it hard to use for that. But I like all its other qualities, so I'm hoping someday it will be my all-in-one screen snapper. Especially since it closes the "where did I put that snap" loop.

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