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(Archived) Intermittent Bug - Main window backgrounds/minimizes



Mac Evernote 5.0.4 via App Store

This is a frequent bug: I'm trying to pinpoint whether there's a pattern or rhyme/reason for this, but I'm re-tagging, changing subject lines, and sometimes altering some note contents or dragging a note to another notebook via the sidebar. I'm in list-view (Sidebar on the left, top is a list of notes, bottom pane is a preview of the selected note), selecting the note, making a change, then clicking on another note.

I'm in tag sort, in case that makes a difference. I'm using Evernote-as-GTD (many tags begin with special characters, but it's not limited to changes to tags starting with special characters).

Whenever I change a note, there seems to be a good chance (frequent) that it will minimize the window -- or if it is not minimizing, the window disappears. If I command-tab to select open apps and re-select Evernote, the pane is in front again (which suggests perhaps it's not minimized after all, as that action should not bring a minimized application window to the front).

It would be livable if it weren't happening so frequently -- but then I'm doing a lot of reorganizing of my notes.

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