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evernote business (Archived) Mixing Free with Business

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There are three main differences between an Evernote Free and Business account... related notes, data caps, and permission management. I'm in charge of a company of about 20, dispersed. We like the concept, but someone tell me why I wouldn't want to have, say 3 admins on Business, and 17 other Free accounts?

I'm not seeing the issue... thoughts?

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With Evernote Business (EB) we now have three tiers of service: Free, Premium, and Business Premium. Between free and either of the premiums, beyond increased upload quotas, increased note sizes, related notes, note history & faster support, the main feature is the ability to share with read/write access. A free user can only share read only notes, while a paid user can share notes with read/write access. So that means that a paid user can share notes with a free user, and the free user will be able to edit them, but the reverse is not true.

From Premium to Business Premium, the advantages again are further increased data quotas, top tier support, the business library ( a shared workspace), simple user management that allows you to remove a user immediately, and data continuity so that if a user does leave, they don't take their knowledge with them. Also, EB is our only group purchasing option for companies, so in your example, the user would have to purchase and get reimbursed, or use a company card. Lastly, EB introduced 'Business Notebooks' and unlike personal notebooks, they belong to the business, not the user who created them. Free users cannot create business notebooks, and thus control the information in their notebooks. Information stored in a business notebook can only permanently be deleted by an admin.

Let's say you have a free user that is the gate keeper to certain information, say HR documents, or invoices, they store them in personal notebooks because that's they're only choice. Now let's say that this user is leaving the company. Best case scenario, before they leave, they can share each individual notebook with a coworker, and then coworker can move the notes to a new notebook. Worst case scenario, maybe they're unhappy about leaving and they unshare all the notebooks and stop returning your calls. That information, and knowledge, has now left your business. With EB, however, before the person leaves, an admin goes in to the admin console and reassigns those notebooks, at which time the leaving user loses immediate access to them.

So the answer to your question, ultimately comes down to your team's workflow and how you see integrating Evernote into it. We encourage our users to use the setup that works best for them.

Let me know if I can clarify, or elaborate on any of that.

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