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(Archived) Evernote Note Sizes & Storage

Brian D

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I looked first in the forums and on Google, but didn't find an answer to my newbie Evernote question, so...

1. How much space does an Article/Selection/Full Page consume? For the most part, I just select what I want, and assume it takes up minimal space. However, I have a particular use in mind that requires I clip entire webpages (from LinkedIn, so minimal images, etc.). I want to make sure it's not taking up way too much space by taking the whole page.

2. Part two of the question is where everything is stored. Particularly, what is on my Mac or iDevice? I don't have a lot of spare space on either, and want to make sure that my notebooks and notes don't rapid consume storage space. Do the apps store my notes and notebooks online, or is everything I look at or sync stored locally?

Sorry if these questions are simplistic, but I'm trying to understand how Evernote works, especially the storage piece, so I can start loading it up without finding out later I'm eating up all my hard drive or iDevice memory.

UPDATE: To clarify, I do know where the Evernote data is stored in the library, that's not my question. I've looked there, and see about 50MB of data (I've only used Evernote for 1 day, so that seems like a lot), though I can't decode it any further, so I don't really know what is stored or how much each item takes up in space. It also doesn't help me figure out the storage on the iDevices.



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