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(Archived) Upgraded to Windows 8 - Lost all data since August, 2012


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Hello everyone,

I just upgraded to Windows 8 and I installed the EN Metro app and the regular desktop one. After installing, I tried to sync on my desktop account, only to find that everything after August, 28th, 2012, is not on my account. Thinking that it might be a problem with the desktop app, I logged into the webapp (I never do this, thus why I didn't know that EN wasn't syncing anything at all since that day) to find that, indeed, I lost everything.

Is there anything I can do to retrieve my lost data? I still have my old Windows 7 files on my drive under "Windows.old".

Thank you in advance

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1) Check your Trash in your account. If you don't find your notes there, then...

2) Contact tech support

Also, hold onto your old Windows 7 files. If they're on the new Windows 8 machine, you can still install the current Windows desktop program, and you may be able to use the old database file. But that'd be something I'd be very careful with.

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Do some searches on here about restoring old notes, or database. Somebody created a new account, and renamed the databases so they could get the old notes. Let me know if you can't find it. Make sure you only use a copy of the local DB, and keep the old original, and the current DB, too, just in case the server wipes you out, etc.

I really don't recommend that anybody assume that the evernote servers match their local db. Always back up the local db using cloned drives, and cloud storage such as idrive, just in case - I use cloned drives, and https://www.idrive.com/p=idr101 nightly.

It keeps the last 30 incremental backups of the files themselves, such as the evernote db, in case you have to fall back, or the evernote servers get out of sync. Support might need to rebuild the server index, but make sure you make a copy of the evernote folders that you mentioned, untill you are sure everything is ok, or "forever".

I have asked for some kind of audit program (now known as an APP), that would compare the local en with what the server has, but I really don't think they want to know. People would probably be outraged if they knew. So, nothing in it for Evernote, plus the extra traffic it would cause, so I don't expect to see it. Keep backups of your en folder(s)!

And I've had various problems (no known data loss, but who restores) with idrive, also.

It is the nature of computing nowadays, them flying by the seat of our pants.

Good luck!






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