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(Archived) Copy/paste Word doc with images to Evernote



I'm wanting to switch to using exclusively Evernote for my lecture notes. My stats professor gives us these great lecture note outlines in .doc format. They include text and images that are positioned carefully into frequency distributions, formulas, etc. that don't make sense if the formatting gets changed at all. I want to be able to paste these into Evernote so that I can add my own notes to them during lectures (i.e. I don't want them just as an attachment). Is there a special way I can paste these in so that the formatting is preserved? Or something I can do on the Word end before I copy them to group the images together or something?

I'm using Evernote 5.0.4 on a Mac and Word 2011. I attached part of the notes and a screenshot of how it comes up in Evernote when I paste it into a note.

Thanks in advance!



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Hi, I have the same problem. Im in gradeschool and I'm leading the digitizing movement and all of the faculty produces their content in word documents and in forieng languages image use is heavy and whenever I copy and paste it into evernote the images dont show up at all.

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Couple of ideas:

a) @bananabwana: If you're on a Mac, you should have the option to "print" the Word document to PDF. That should hopefully retain the formatting of the figures and images, and you can then store the PDF in an Evernote note along with any annotations you want to add for that class/document.

B) @danielsinger: If generating a PDF version is not an option, try saving(exporting) the Word document as HTML, open the HTML in a browser, then try copy/paste from the browser. I've found that HTML tends to copy/paste better into Evernote notes.

Hope this helps!

-- Tom

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