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(Archived) New note notebook based on location?


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This is a feature request, I suppose (or maybe somebody can set me straight on how to do this with existing features). I have an Android device, but this would apply to any Evernote app that has access to system location info (GPS-, cell-, or network-based). Would it be possible to automagically change which notebook new notes are placed in based on location? For example, I maintain separate inbox notebooks for work and home. When I use the Android Evernote widget button to create a new note, it posts to whichever I have set as default, which is inconvenient half of the time. I could (and do) click on the notebook list and select the right one, but it takes several extra seconds and interrupts my train of thought if i'm just trying to jot something down quickly. It would be great for the app to recognize when I am home and when I am at work, and post to the appropriate notebook. Anybody else think that would be worthwhile/practical?

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