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Print an entire notebook similar to Apple's photo books from iPhoto.



I use Evernote as a journal. I exclusively archive things my daughter does each day, and my intention here is to give her a Book of Your Life at some point in the future. Probably high school graduation because after that she won't be around every day for me to watch and write about.

So I'd like a print feature where each note is auto-formatted into a printable medium. In fact, I'd pay for this. Just like iPhoto where I order the product because its easy and looks good. I could do this manually - that is not the point. Do it for me, make the product easy to create and easy to buy, and you have a new revenue stream.


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I am so glad that you posted this Lome!


I have been wanting to do the exact same thing. I put my journal entries for 2012 in Evernote, some with pictures, and I would LOVE to print them chronologically to have a hardcopy and even a hardback book of my journal entries for the year. In the past I used ldsjournal.com which has an easy print feature where you can select the photos to be printed in black and white or in color, which adjusts the price, and the price ranges from 30ish-70ish. I would be more than happy to pay for something like that and promote the resource even more in my area! I know literally hundreds of people who would be very interested in this. 

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I'll keep this thread alive and say I'd be interested in this, too.... I have an art notebook that I could publish but with Evernote Food, I could publish a book with photos of all my favorite creations, recipes, or special meals over 1-2-3 years.

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I would love this feature as well. I believe you can do this with Facebook, but I prefer to load all my photos and diary into Evernote and would love to be able to create a Photo Book from Evernote. Please build this feature.

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