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(Archived) Tag View Not Highlighting Related Tags

Ken K



Previously, if I selected a particular tag (and with 'Hide Unassigned Tags' selected) the tag list would shrink to show only the tags that are also assigned to all the notes that are tagged with the selected tag.

For example, if I select tag 'Electrical' and none of the notes that are tagged with 'Electrical' are tagged with 'Flower', then I want the 'Flower' tag to disappear from the list. If I further cmd-click on 'Light' to further refine my search, and none of the notes that are tagged with both 'Electrical' and 'Light' are tagged with 'Wiring', then the 'Wiring' tag should disappear from the list.

This is how I remember it to be working up until recently, but it now non longer works that way on Evernote for Mac Version 5.0.4 (400704), the most recent version. I'm running Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something? I don't see where I can select 'Hide Unassigned Tags' nor where there is any setting within Preferences.

Any help would be appreciated.


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It still works like this in windows so you could try running EN through Parallels?

Yes, I guess that should work but I would regard that as a rather extreme 'workaround'. And one I'm not prepared to do unfortunately. If it works a particular way in Windows, then it should work the same way in OSX. I suspect it's a bug in the Mac version. Rather annoying and disappointing.

Thanks for your suggestion though, Mike.

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Is there a reason the feature was moved from the sidebar? Much much much easier to use and it was very helpful to see the list of remaining assigned tags without having to select a drop down. Also, it appears the tag selector does not work if you did a search... very helpful to see the list of remaining assigned tags within a search result... are there any plans to bring this functionality back to the Mac version? It appears to still be there on the web version... which makes no sense.

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... And of course , no real answer on this ... as usual.

This has become very typical of Evernote. Features are removed without explanations , features announced never seem to come out , arbitrary limits are set for no apparent reasons....

Meanwhile they seem very busy developing moronic applications like evernote food and whatnot... meh, whatever.

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lpr and aukirk, this was not a feature that was removed. It was moved to the top of the note list. It has to function differently now because of the increasing frequency of notebook sharing. Tags are very difficult to manage in a shared environment and display behaviors must be tightly controlled to avoid erratic results. It's a lot to write down, but think about the different permutations available to a group of 3 people sharing notebooks with different tags, some overlapping and some not. Now thing of the same scenario with 100 people sharing notebooks. Tags become complicated.

The Tags fullscreen view in our next release (coming very soon) will bring back highlighting to illustrate which tags are assigned to the same notes.

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Jackolicious... thanks for weighing in. Certainly look forward to the next release, not sure I understand what "highlighting to illustrate which tags are assigned to same notes" means, but looking forward to it!

I also really appreciate your providing insight into the reason that the tag feature was removed from the sidebar, and it does make sense in a shared note environment. Unfortunately, it really changes how I can use tags and notebooks.... it was very useful to be able to drill down tags, and was a large part of how I thought about Evernote. However, I guess I need to move more towards use of notebooks.

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