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(Archived) Auto expired notes? If not, suggest to add

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I use Evernote to remember some temporary info, such as a tracking number of my logistic package. With the sync, then I can track package on my phones/tablets/computers whenever I need it.

But the temp info will expire for me some time later. For above example, logistic package tracking number will be expired weeks later.

Now I have to delete the note manually.

So I want to have a feature that I can set an expiry date to a note.

Once the date reached, the note can be moved to trash.

Is this supported? I didn't find it.

If not, please consider to add this.

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If move to trash is too aggressive, add and EXPIRED tag is also fine

Here's what you do. When you create the note, add a tag (IE 'delete later'). Then weekly/monthly/yearly/whatever, filter on that tag & created date (or updated date). Easy to select all notes created three months ago or before & delete them.

I agree with Metrodon in that it's doubtful EN would ever introduce any functionality to automatically delete your notes.

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