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(Archived) Is it possible to have files within import folder that are NOT imported into Evernote?

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I know that it sounds like a strange request but I have the following situation: I used to have an import folder called "Add to Evernote" in which every pdf file that I saved to that folder would be added to Evernote. Eventually there were over 1000 files in that folder. After a while, I realized that when I started to type the file name that I was saving the directory would automatically populate the box eg: if I began to type "Chase Mortgage 10-2012" it would auto populate after the first few letters since I have all my Chase Mortgage files in that directory. I found this very useful because not only would it save time but it would give me the proper format of the terms (for future ease of searchability). The problem is that I recently lost my hard drive and had to reconstitute Evernote on another drive. I had backed up all my files but now the "Add to Evernote" directory is empty. I would like to have the 1000 files back in that directory but am unable to do so without all of them being immediately sent to EN (hence a massive duplication). Any way around this?

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Any way around this?

Not that I can think of - you'll obviously build up the experience again as you save further files, but I have deeply bad feelings about keeping files in that folder. Mine is set to delete files once imported so the folder is normally empty. When it's not, I know I have a problem. Plus files kept there are a duplicate of the same information in your database - a waste of disk space, and a potential confusion if you want to edit a file.

Alternate suggestion: do a search in Evernote before you save a file - copy the title to ensure consistency, and keep the formats as a growing list in another note rather than as actual files in the import directory.

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Got agree with gazumped,

I am just going through this myself, having uploaded about 10,000 word documents by linking to a series of folders on my computer. I now have two copies of the quotations on my computer. It makes sense to delete the original folder on my hard drive.

For me, I intend doing this at the end of every year (or start of the next) as the documents are in general quotations. I will back up the folder then delete it. Still plucking up the courage, but know as gazumped says, that this is the correct way to work.

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