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(Archived) Problem printing in skitch - doesn't print full image

Miguel Niebla

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It appears your graphic is more suited to be printed in landscape mode. Click on File → Page Setup and select landscape mode. You may also need to scale the size down a bit to fit the graphic on one page.

One would think that changing the size of the graphic within the Skitch window would be enough, but for some reason it doesn't change the output size. Until that is addressed, the method described above works well for me.


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@Miguel - There are two ways to do this:

1) Under page setup you can change the print orientation in addition to adjusting the scaling size.


Using a combination of these two settings will let you scale an image (provided it isn't too big) to fit onto a piece of paper. If the image is massive you might right into some scaling vs. legibility issues.

2) Your second option is to use Resize the image using the steps shown below. Please note: After resizing the image, the canvas view will automatically adjust to fit the new image. Depending upon the size of your image this might happen almost instantly and therefore you may not notice the refresh. If you go to print your image (and provided you have not adjusted scaling levels) your image should show as a smaller size in the print preview window.


@Lew - I've tested printing an orignal snap of my desktop (far bigger than 1 piece of standard size paper) and resizing to a smaller size (smaller than 1 piece of paper) and printing worked just fine. If you are not able to resize can you contact me directly via private message so we can get some information from you and try and determine if you're encountering a bug?

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Not sure what you mean. You can certainly adjust orientation and scaling (that's an OS X thing), but if you are looking to resize then I do not believe there is a way to do that directly in Evernote. You would need to manipulate the image in Skitch or some other graphics program and then copy it back into Evernote.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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