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(Archived) HOWTO: Web-Links in Note (android)


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Can anybody please explain me how web-links are supposed to work within nots on an android device?

I tried the following:

Create a new note

Enter an web URL e.g. http://www.google.de in note

Copy / paste web URL from browser (Chrome) into note

When I view the note the links are always displayed as plain text and not (as I would expect) as blue underlined text. Further simply selecting the links and thereby opening in browser is not possible. I always need to manually select the text and opt "open as url".

Is there a way to make the evernote app recognize links?

Actually, I did manage to do this, but I cannot reproduce - i.e. I have one note where a link has been recognized (and is displayed blue underlined). When I select this link the browser opens the correct page. So it seems to be possible somehow - but how?

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