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(Archived) Important Question about data limits

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I really really need to understand about data limits. The premium package which I have allows 1 gig a month. Does that mean at the end of the year you have 12 gigs saved? Or does that mean that I only have 1 gig total and it starts over each month? If I only have 1 gig per month and thats it, I will have to use another service. I hope you understand my question. Does the data keep adding to itself so at the end of 3 years you would have 36 gigs?

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I watched a Evernote video and the employees were talking about ways to get more business. Well I think that having a much larger data limit would be the first step in getting more customers. A 1 Gig limit per month is not much. IMHO

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You're allowed to upload 1 GB per month on the premium plan. If you require more, you can purchase it on a per month basis. Your upload allowance is not cumulative; it doesn't rollover at the end of your billing month.

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Its pretty simple once you get your head around it. You can upload your scans and pictures, sound files and documents up to a maximum of 1GB for each month. Once your 'monthliversary' is up, the clock resets. So yes, you can upload 99.99% of a Gig each month / 12GB each year. It's trivial in time and cost to get an occasional uplift if you need it, but I'm a serial scanner with (nearly) 12,000 notes and I have trouble hitting a full GB each month. Remember: it's a limit, not a target - don't feel obliged to copy photos of your dog in here just to take up the slack, because there's another several million users doing pretty much the same thing. Want your syncs to continue to be quick and easy? Keep the uploads small.

Do keep an eye on your progress, because if you get to your limit, uploads stop and (I think it's fair to say) Evernote can get somewhat tempramental. I get cranky too because you start to wonder whether that last scan you tried to squeeze in actually did make it into the database...

There's another reason for keeping your notes small too - if you plan to view them on a mobile client of any sort, the smaller the note, the quicker you can see it!

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So according to Gazumped, I should use it and not really really have to worry about hitting the limit if I dont go too crazy right?

Yes, as long as you avoid posting lots of high-res photos, videos, and huge doc. files, you should be fine.

I've got 20,000+ notes and never came close to hitting the Premium cap.

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