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(Archived) managing tasks on evernote

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just started using evernote via computer and tablet.

and was wondering how can i create tasks and manage them from one place and not in notes where they are not available.

is there a way to see them all together as a list?



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Hi and welcome to the forums !

There are several ways to do this in EN. A simple one is:

Assuming you are on WIN desktop:

Create a new note and use checkboxes (Ctrl-Shift-C) and list all your tasks.

You can then check and uncheck your tasks as they get done.

You can also create a new note for each task and tag your notes (i.e. "MyTasks") with this tag.

Then you click on this tag and you will find all notes tagged with "MyTasks".

Just experiment a little and you will find out what works for you.

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