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(Archived) Create New Note in Business Notebook Directly?

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We're exploring Evernote Business for our Organization. Corporate wants all notes entered to go directly to a business notebook instead of personal. So that in the event of the loss of an employee, we can recover all of the information.

Looks to me like there isn't a way to set the default location where the note is created? Especially on the mobile devices (iphone). Creating a new note on the iphone goes direclty to the personal area. Then the user would have to copy the note to the Business notebook.

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On iOS, if you open a business notebook, then tap the + sign in the top right corner, you can create a new note in a business notebook.

As for setting a default notebook, you are correct that you can't yet set a business notebook as a default notebook.

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Hi mack,

Only just spotted your question.

I am not sure if you could remove a users ability to create personal notes. But would you want to?

By having access to Evernote for their own use your employees would definitely become more proficient at using the software. This has to be a bonus.

They will need to be instructed that any business notes will need to be kept in the Business section. Again not difficult to do.

If you really want to restrict employees use to Business only then you will need to discuss this with Business support as to the possibility of removing the 'Personal' users 'Notebook'. But having had a quick look on mine it does look feasible.

Hope that helps.

Best regards


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Ok maybe I'm completely missing it, but on iOS (iphone 4S if it matters), there is no "+" when inside the business notes section? There is a "+" when in the Personal Notes.

When clicking the create note, going into the options and changing the notebook selection, there are none of the business notebooks.

The problem we have is the ability to quickly put a note in the business section. Putting all the notes in the personal section then having the users move them to business is not an option.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to make notes anywhere in the iOS app except on the main Personal Notes screen, and the home screen. I have suggested that the app provide a note creation icon and the search field (preferably much larger) on as many screens as possible. Speaking for myself, my main activities with the app are browsing, editing, and making notes, all of which involve use of the search field and new note icon.

Example 1

When I am reading a note, I often come across information that generates an idea or perhaps something that needs its own note to flesh out more, but I have to go somewhere else in the app to do it. This is especially frustrating if I have navigated to the location via note links or saved searches. Sometimes, it is so much of a hassle that I just put the information in the currently open note and wait until I get home on the desktop to deal with it.

Example 2

Or, when searching notes and not finding something, I decide I want to create a note for the topic. Of course, I cannot, because the new note creation icon has been replaced by a cancel button. Obviously, the same kind of frustrations would apply to business notebooks.

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You should be able to create a new business note (or personal note for that matter) from within the notebook itself. Follow the following flow:

Tap the notebook tab from the main screen.


Tap the notebook you want to create a new note in:


Then, tap the plus sign.


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We are exploring having a 'default Business notebook' to make this more intuitive.

Then we can have a general call to action saying 'New Business Note' that would not require users to specify what notebook they want to create the business data in first.

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The default business notebook is an issue on multiple platforms and, for us, is a critical feature that is needed before we can really roll it out. We are just testing it now and I keep finding issues of missing features in a business notebooks that already exist in the personal notebooks. To charge for a product that offers less features without making that really clear is a miss and we will probably discontinue using it until the basics are common place in business notebooks.

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Allowing users to set business notebooks as a default clipping location would be useful for our implementation as well.


Our support staff clips web resources they find while clearing tickets. That information is later compiled into customer-facing knowledge base articles. As it works now, they have to pull notes out of their personal notebooks and drag them into the shared business notebook after the fact.


Edit: That is... if they use the right-click method instead of opening up the whole clipping panel.

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