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(Archived) Feature Request: Timed Decrypt

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There may be a way to do this but I cant find it. When I want to decrypt a note you have the option to check "Remember passphrase until I quit Evernote". I cant do this because I have Evernote running 24/7.

So everytime I want to look at an encrypted note I have to reenter the passphrase. How about a feature that allows "Remember passphrase for the next 60 minutes"?

Just an idea.


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I'd guess it's actually more secure to make it all or nothing - and translates better between different OS's. Worth asking however - I use a temporary Notepad note if I'm going to be opening the encryption frequently. In Windows it's easy to set up the passphrase there and then copy/ paste when required. Close your session and that file, and you're secure again.

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