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(Archived) How can I import rtfd files (fr Shovebox) into Evernote?



Since Shovebox 1.7.6(628) is apparently no longer being supported, it seems like Evernote is the closest choice. Nice interface.

I exported my over 400 Shovebox files (the file export options are .RTF, plain Text and Word). I chose .RTF because I do have some formatting I’d like to keep, and exported them into a folder on my desktop. I opened Evernote and selected Import Notes... and when I went to select the files, they were grayed out (unselectable).

Next I tried exporting as plain Text (.txt) files. Same result — can’t select the file. Lastly, I exported a note as a Word doc. No dice.

Can someone please help me with how I may import my Shovebox notes into Evernote?

I am running a MBP laptop with Mac OSX 10.7.3

Thanks so much!


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