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(Archived) First scan not saving properly Scansnap 1500m




I have noticed that when I do my first scan it appears in Evernote as a blank note with an empty attachment that can't be opened. When I rescan it works correctly and for all subsequent scans until I shut down the scanner again.

Strangely the Snapscan creates in on the hard drive rather than in Evernote seems to be OK.

I am using OS X Mountain Lion, Evernote 5.0.4, Scansnap 1500m, Scansnap Manager The Scansnap manager is set to scan to pdf.

Many thanks for any advice.


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I have the exact same issue, but with my Canon DR-C125 document scanner, so I think this is a software issue with 5.x version rather than something specific to your scanner. Pretty sure this would have worked fine in the 3.x version but can't verify as I upgraded to 5.x already. I reported to support.

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I am having the exact same issue, it seems to occur only when Evernote is not running in the background yet. So something goes not as planned when Evernote needs to start first.

I raised a ticket with Evernote support, but so far we have only done the 're-install' dance. That didn't solve the issue yet.

I hope there will be a quick solution, as this hampers the "flow" of documenting "everything" into Evernote.

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