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(Archived) Not Updating on Kindle Fire (1st gen)


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I just removed Evernote from my Kindle, and then re-downloaded it. Immediately on running it says "Update Available". So I tell it to download the update, which goes to the Amazon Store Evernote page, but there's no Download option - only "Open", as if it were already downloaded. Open just opens the existing version on the device.

It continues to remind me that there's an update available, but I seem to have no way to download and install it.

Any clues? Additional information that would be helpful? The Evernote version on the device appears to be 4.3.5.



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I am also having this issue, though if you look @ the version listed on the Amazon App store vs what the App itself is, they both state it's 4.3.5, so I think something in Evernote's update script/server is getting a false positive on an available update. I've been having this false update for about a week or two now.

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I would either check in with the tech support folks, or try out the Android public beta, which seems pretty stable to me (but read the beta notes anyways). You can just download the .apk, move it over to your machine (DropBox to the rescue), and open it.

I'm also on the Kindle Fire.

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