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(Archived) Sync bugs create distracting doubt



These are the kind of "little" bugs that undermine the entire philosophy of Evernote. The following is a description of a seemingly minor bug that I was able to figure out, but leaves me wondering how many similar ones there are.

1) A note tagged "-Pending" has been in my "To Do" notebook for a few weeks, moving from "-Next", to "-Now" to "-Pending".

2) While checking what I have to do on my iPad, this note is still tagged as "-Now", even though it was changed on the Mac client over 12 hours ago and the iPad just synced.

3) What do I do?

a) Force sync iPad -> still tagged "-Now"

b ) Force sync Mac client, then force sync iPad again -> still tagged "-Now"

c) Open note in Mac client to check tags - it is tagged "-Pending"

d) Make a small edit (add a space, then delete it) on Mac client, then repeat (b )

-> Finally, note is tagged "-Pending" on iPad

I have now spent 5 extra minutes on a task I had already completed yesterday!


I use Evernote to "Get Things Done". I don't expect that managing Evernote's sync foibles to be one of those things.

What Evernote offers is a place to off-load my brain so I can concentrate on important stuff. This behaviour is not off-loading, it is adding to the load. What if I had not been at my desk with ready access to my Mac client? What if I had changed it on the iPad? --> Sync conflict.

Even more annoying - every time I use Evernote, there is now this nagging doubt about whether I am seeing the same state as I last left it.

The user interfaces make me devote too much time and thought to work-arounds.

The sync process makes me devote too much time to troubleshooting and work-arounds.

Please, developers - take this seriously! It is 2013 - there are ways to create and verify deterministic behaviour in software.

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