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(Archived) How do I add a table?

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I am a new to Evernote and am only running the free version. I have looked everywhere but can't seem to find a way to create tables within a note. My toolbar does not have the button that allows you to input a table. How do I add or is this only a premium function?


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I don't believe you can create a table in anything but a desktop client - you can also copy and paste from another application into a (desktop) note if you create a table elsewhere. Tables in Evernote are an admittedly 'basic' option - if you have lots of data to display, or want to control layout, have a look at PDF or JPG/ PNG formats which are 'fixed' layouts, though PDFs won't immediately display in your mobile app. You need to open a note, then open the PDF - an (annoying) extra tap.

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And a glib answer would be "carefully". :-)

Seriously, if you can plan for your eventual table growth when you create the table so much the better: Things like "add 5 rows" don't exist. ("Add 1" does on Mac client, for instance, but even that is less usable than would be desired.)

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