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I am running into some storage problems on my Mac (only a 128GB SSD) and I am looking for a way to free some space. Is there a way to keep a notebook on the Evernote servers without downloading it locally on my SSD? Creating an offline notebook on my PC and putting all the big notes in there isn't what I am looking for, because I still want to have access to these files on my other devices.

On Android and iOS there are these "online notebooks", which are accessible and searchable without storing them locally on the device. Is something like that also possible on Evernote for Mac?

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No, it isn't. The only option you have is to forgo using the Mac client altogether and just access your account through the web client.

ETA: If you did keep your stuff solely on the Evernote account, make sure you keep a backup of it elsewhere. Never a good idea to keep only one copy of valuable data.

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