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(Archived) System Requirements - Windows PC Hard Disk size


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I want to start making full use of Evernote, but I first need to know the system requirements.

I want to use a Desktop PC and a Laptop PC for it, both running MS Windows.

I will likely upgrade to premium, and start building up my notes on an ongoing basis every day, storing mainly screenshots taken with Snagit, as well as some clips from web sites as I come across stuff.

To get an idea, approximately what is the minimum hard disk space I will need on each PC once I have stored, let say, 50,000 notes with Snagit screenshots?

And, roughly how much more would i need if I stored Word documents in notes?

What about RAM?

How much disk does your Windows based Evernote use?

Thanks folks!

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Shame no replies.

Well, I've just ordered MS Office 2010, so that I can use Onenote for most of my organising now.

Evernote looks great, but still unsure about some things so going to get started initially by piling things into Onenote on a cloud.

Would still use Evernote most likely as well. cheers

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Check out the challenges of changing from OneNote to Evernote by doing a search on this forum. It may not be as easy as you might want it to be.

Regarding the size of the database - how large are the images that you are clipping? Why do you think the database would be any different between Evernote and OneNote? Why do you need 50,000 notes? I have been using Evernote for several years, and I am still at less than 10,000. There are a lot that I never look at, but store in case I ever need them. Just because you can store everything in Evernote, doesn't mean you have to take that literally!

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Evernote has a clipper. Might not need yours.

You could sign up for free Evernote, and find the Evernote folder, then record its size, and look at usage (click) on the top right of the Windows app page.

Then load a bunch of your stuff out, sync, and check what it is looking like. This should tell you.

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