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(Archived) Can't get iNote2Evernote to work. Crappy app! NO notes get transferred!

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What a waste of money! iNote2Evernote doesn't work! Notes do NOT get transferred!

Not an Evernote product?

I can't find anything on this app using Google. OP gives no indication of the OS it's for. Does not appear to be an Evernote product. If it truly begins with iNote, I'd guess iOS but... (shrug)

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I don't really see the point of this app - unless someone sees the light VERY late in the day and realises the iOS Notes (or whatever it's called) app is very limited and chooses to migrate. And I'm wondering how the vendor gets away with their name: "Apps for Evernote" as well as the high price. ($3.99)

Having said that I'm starting an Evernote museum and will just have to buy it. :-)

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