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(Archived) Handwriting recognition

the jc klatch

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Just tried this with an example note (that contains a photo of writing on a whiteboard) and this seems to work OK on my Windoes 7 desktop and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

Not sure what you mean by "The best I can do is get a note with a photo attached."

The search for a particular word or phrase in EN returns the not or notes that contain the searched for words. If one of those found botes has the word handwritten in a photo, then it's returned with the words highlighted.

Can you desctibe what you're doing and what you expect to see as a result?

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And just tried a fresh test rather than using an existing note.

Pointed my smartphone at some handwriting.

Tapped the camera icon on the EN widget bar on the phone.

Picture taken and saved

Synced to my EN cloud .

Listed "All Notes" on my Windows desktop EN.

Entered a word I'd handwritten.

Note containing the word found.

Open the note - word is highlighted on photo

(And the recognition even works on my scrawl, being able to distinguish between "Sherlock" - the searched-for word, and "Shylock" - that I'd written to see if it got confused with similar handwritten words!)

So it works, but what seems to be an issue is that havinbg taken the photo, the camera app gives you the option to save or discard; if you tap "Save", you briefly see a blank note form and then it disappears with a message saying that the note has been saved to EN (in youir default folder). Would it not be possible to allow a title and other text to be added to the note before it is finally saved to EN ?

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Photo does not just briefly appear and save, but rather creates a note with embedded photo, which I can title and add text to: So not replicating above comment.

However, the text recognition identified only one word in my initial test: i wrote "eat more sugar" and can search on "eat" but not "eat more" or "more" etc.


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@Tim Bates -

Discovered the quickly disappearing note issue was a widget-related problem. On my smartphone, when using the camera icon from the widget got the response as previously described, but when using the Snapshot button on the app home screen, all worked as expected. I re-installed the widget and now the camera icon on the widget bar performs as expected. Thanks for the nudge to get me to re-look at that ;-)

I'm certain that I've been able to search and get EN to recognise more than 1 word in a search phrase. I'll try that again and let you know the outcome.


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OK - have tested this out

Created a handwritten note containing the words "Sherlock" and "Holmes"

Used the camera on my Android phone to take a photo note in EN

Synced the note to the EN cloud and my other devices

On my desktop EN typed "Sherlock Holmes" in the search bar

Results returned included the photo note with the separate words "Sherlock" and "Holmes" highlighted

Was also able to search for this note in the same way on my Android device



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