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(Archived) New Tag/Notebook System in EN 5



Generally speaking, I'm a huge fan of the new interface in EN 5. The "shortcuts" menu at the top is a godsend, and overall things have a much more fluid look and feel.

Having said that, there's one thing that's been troubling me. It's the way you add new notebooks and tags. Maybe I'm missing something, but I find it to be extremely cumbersome. Earlier tonight I wanted to add a new tag under an existing tag called "Finance". Instead of right-clicking the existing tag in the sidebar and clicking "new tag" as in previous versions, I have to go into this extremely frustrating screen that shows all of my tags and their hierarchy which is just a confusing exercise.

What used to take 3 seconds and was totally intuitive is now a struggle where I'm trying to figure out what to do next. Best I can figure, you have to go to the "Tag" screen, add a new tag, find the new tag in the list and then move it where it goes. Once that's complete, you can go back to your notes and organize from there.

It just seems so.....odd. -_-

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I agree. However, I think the designers have made their decision on where they want to go with the Sidebar, so there isn't much to say.

In my opinion, the Sidebar and the Nabs are a barrier to productivity (at least in my case), because they separate the graphical element (the Nabs) from the task I want to achieve (I don't think the Nabs actually do anything). It does not make sense to me, and seems unintuitive to me, but I have already stated my rather strong opinion about the lack of functionality in the Sidebar many times in the beta forums :)

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I just can't seem to stop "fumbling" around when I'm trying to reorganize tags/notes.

What used to be second nature now requires me to stop and say "now...where'd that new tag end up and....how do I get back to the last screen".

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