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(Archived) [Feature Request] - Re-use Shared notebook invites messages & settings

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Hello Evernote staff,

I love Shared Notebooks. They are addictive. Once you invite one person you find yourself incrementally thinking of other people that may be interested and invite more. I'd like to see an enhancement to make that process easier (without it turning into a spamming tool of course).

I'd like Evernote to remember the Invite messages and permission settings I have used in the past, kind of like the feedback messages in eBay. I'd like this to be done on a per-notebook basis since it is common to have different Invite messages and settings for different Shared Notebooks.

A sample interaction showing how I'd like to see the feature work. I have a Shared Notebook that I've had for a while. When I go to Invite someone new, it shows me a list of Invite messages I have used in the past, in most recently used order (MRU), that I can select from to fill the Invite message box, with the ability to still edit the message. It would also auto-fill the user rights and "login to preview" settings from the last Invite I performed.

If anybody else would like to see this feature, please reply and/or like this post.

-- roschler

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Agreed - keeping people up to date with information without burying them in unwanted, unclassified and probably un- re- findable emails is difficult at the best of times. Using a shared notebook means you can keep your audience right up to date conveniently and painlessly (for them). Sharing needs some work though to refine the permissions angles, and support better presentation of tags.

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