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(Archived) How to export/backup only all offline-notebooks in one step?

Guest mrossk

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Since the offline-notebooks are not synced with the evernote servers I backup them more often than the whole evernote database.

I want to be able to extract only offline-notebooks because I want to backup them (encrypted) in the cloud. Backing up the whole database in the cloud every time would take too much time and space.

Currently I mark every single offline-notebook one by one and export this to a separate .enex-file. Currently there is no way to mark a set of offline-notebooks at the same time and export them all together.

In the list-view there are many columns but no one shows if a note is contained in an offline-notebook. Otherwise I could sort all notes for offline-notebooks, mark all this notes and export them all together in one single step.

Any Idea how to export/backup only all offline-notes in one single step?


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You could name your offline notebooks so they are sequential. IE preface all offline notebook names with the same special character such as a hyphen. In list view, select all notes, sort by notebook & then all your offline notes can be selected manually in one step.

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I don't know of any way of identifying offline notebooks automatically. You could look into using ENScript to do the exporting for you, though. For example, the ENScript command:

enscript exportnotes /q notebook:MyNotebook /f MyNotebook.enex

will export all notes in the notebook named MyNotebook to a file names MyNotebook.enex.

Make a batch file, and for each offline notebook, add a line that exports that notebook. At the end, zip them all together into a file that contains the current date/time, and you have your backup in one tidy little package. Run the batch file as often as you need, maybe make a scheduled task that does it for you. You'll need to keep the batch file up-to-date with new/deleted offline notebooks.

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Guest mrossk


I would have to do this every time before exporting the notes so it is not optimal in my case.


This is the best solution for me because the names of my notebooks nearly never change. I will make such a batch file.

Thank you both.

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